Hello and Welcome! We at Cheeky Girls pride ourselves as a Brazilian style of active and casual wear now blended into Australia. All of our clothing comes straight from the heart of South America including the art and precision.

Ethically made, our revolutionary material has forever transformed the sports, fitness and swimming wear industry. These bright colours stay vibrant after years of wear and tear!

Soft, malleable and cool on your body, this amazing fabric called Supplex is made with LYCRA®. While specifically designed to support your body, lycra also provides comfort and freedom in when you’re sweatin out hard.

Featuring a medium rise waist to flatten the belly, Supplex Power (the heavier composition) is ideal for support and firmness for the more active girl.

But we also stock a less dense type of material called Supplex Light. This all-stretch fabric being lighter is known for it comfort and also worn casually. You’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing tights at all.

The fibers of all our lycra are made to enhance the elasticity of the material while keeping it soft. Plus they amazingly stretch up to 500% while springing back to this original shape. There’s no worry about fuzz or pilling in any of our products. They’re totally breathable and water/wind/odour damage resistant.

Our Cheeky and dynamic team have excelled by creating mind captivating patterns and prints that will rock your world wherever you go. Feel confident and express yourself in a high quality blend of fabrics that are smooth and light. It’s like wearing nothing at all.

Go with quality and style. Go Cheeky 😉