Tranze (Cool and soft 3D)


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Tranze is a super trippy legging that will have your legs vibrating, The effect of the geometric design pulses when you move. Super cool and soft on your body allows you to go any where with great style.



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Supplex Light gives complete freedom of movements. The Ssupplex made with  Lycra® maintain the skin-like effect that adapts to the shape of your body,  composed by fine multiple filaments to be flexible, soft and durable. Is up  to 36% softer than standard nylon fabrics and dries much faster than Cotton. The Lycra® elastane can stretch up to 500%, and then spring back to its original shape it will keep their bright vibrant colors after years of washing and drying, and will never fuzz or pill. It is also breathable keeping your body at a cool temperature  and odour/wind/water-resistant. Supplex Lycra® is used in activewear, swimwear, exercise wear, yoga, and outerwear. The fibers are made to enhance the elasticity of the material while at the same time maintaining the soft-cottony feeling.  A perfect balance between fashion, comfort, quality and durability.